Snaptube for iOS, iPhone and iPad

If you love watching videos then SnapTube is an app that you might consider installing on your Smartphone or other device running the iOS operating system. SnapTube is an app that allows you to search for videos from any one of several video hosting and video streaming sites. The SnapTube app allows you to instantly download video to your device for viewing at your convenience. The SnapTube app offers the following features:-

snaptube for iphone

1.Unrestricted Access to Unlimited Video Content

The servers supporting the SnapTube app installed on your device has access to the servers hosting some of the biggest players in the video streaming and video hosting industry. A user is therefore granted access to a collective database containing videos retrieved from YouTube, AllMyVideo, NowVideo, Putlockerand MoeVideo just to mention some of the more notable sites. There is definitely no limit to the choice of material available for watching which leaves room for caution.

2.User Friendly Graphics Interface

The SnapTube app features a simple user interfaces that users can easily familiarize with. You will be able to identify how to quickly go about carrying out a certain task. Most of the more subtle functions are contained by simple drop down menus.

3.Video Downloads in Two Formats

The SnapTube app gives you the choice of downloading video content in two formats i.e. as either MP4 video or as MP3 audio. The later of the two formats is more applicable to music videos, memorable movie dialogue or video tutorials where you can fully comprehend the context of the audio with the video missing.


4.Accelerated Download Speeds

Anyone is bound to appreciate the high speed with which the SnapTube app downloads video content. The app makes of buffering which allow for small portions of the video sent as packets at a very high rate. The portions are recombined to form the full video once the actual download is complete. This form of downloading video has the advantage of allowing the user to pause and resume downloads without corrupting the video file. Canceling downloads leaves portions of the incomplete file in your device. You therefore have to enable the option of deleting files permanently.

5.Video Search Engine

The SnapTube home screen features a search bar supported by a search engine able to navigate through SnapTube’s immense data base. To carry out a video search all you would need to do is type in a keyword that can be found in the video’s title. The alternative of scrolling through pre-sorted video categories is provided. The presorted10. categories include action, drama, romance, comedies, sci-fi and horror. In addition to mainstream releases the user is treated to an equally enormous collection of funny clips, stunt clips, sports clips, podcasts and video tutorials.

6.Multi-version Compatibility

The SnapTube app is compatible with multiple versions of the iOS operating system. It is therefore to seek out a version specific variant of the same app. With the above features in mind SnapTube does offer iOS, iPhone and iPad user’s considerable incentive to try out the app. The SnapTube app is certainly able to provide user with hours of entertainment.