Freedom. Apk download

Let’s imagine that you are playing Temple run on your smartphone. It’s exciting right,  running from that beast, you’re able to cross the first level. The game says – to enter the next level you need to buy few coins and at last, you are stuck. Imagine it’s so irritating and frustrating  to be stuck in a game like this. Believe me I understand!


Freedom Apk file is an application that makes In app purchase (IAP) free of cost. Basically, in simple and subtle words it helps you to buy deals on your apps and games from google wallet without letting you pay even a penny. This means you can download any application and work on it for free and have an edge over your competitors.

Cautions to take

To download Freedom Apk file :-

  • Your phone should be rooted. Rooting is a very technical process, therefore, I request you to please work under an experienced person while rooting your mobile.
  • Your time zone should be of Moscow before downloading the application.
  • It will need Android 2.1 and above smartphones to download, otherwise, Freedom Apk will not work
  • Good internet connection is always a treat
  • Please remember that there are two Freedom application on the site – one is freedom app for Human Trafficking (only available on Google Play Store) the other is Freedom Apk App manager ( Not available on Google Play Store)

Step by step guide

Let’s see how can we download this application on our phones :-

Step 1 – Settings is important to change before downloading Freedom Apk on your mobile. Go on settings > Security > Unknown sources. This will allow you to download Apk files.

Step 2 – Look out for Freedom apk file on your web browser. Download it on your device.

Step 3 – Install the application and wait for few minutes.

Step 4 – Freedom app will ask you for your permission for Super User Access. The dialogue box will appear by itself. Tap on “Grant” and the app will immediately install on your device.

Step 5 – Please select the app you want to make purchase in. Freedom apk will pay for you from Google Wallet. Now you can enjoy any application without any disturbances.


Although Freedom Apk works amazingly well, it has its own pros and cons. We know all the positive points. The developers are asked to look into its complicated User Interface especially for the first timers as well as phone rooting and super users access is quite suspicious.

Leaving all the negative points aside, Freedom Apk application is very simple and easy to download. I agree for non techno savvy people it will be complicated, but once it is in your phone, there is no tension to take.  
I hope I have answered all your questions. For any query or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. I will surely answer them. Thank You!